About The Collection:

Acne skin is common among teenagers due to excessive sebem or oil production in their skin. If the hair follicles is clogged under the skin, it may cause bacterial infection of the follicle. Greenplex Acne skin collection helps to remove extra oil from the skin and prevent the skin from infeciton. Chamomile facial cleanser cleans the face followed by mud mask lifting impurities and removing extra oils from your skin. In addition, Chemomile facial cleaner contains chamomile and Japanese green tea, which are anti-inflammatory.

Target Skin-Type:

Acne skin / Oil skin

Application Steps:

Wash your face with Chamomile Facial Cleanser. Then apply a thin layer of Collagen Mud Mask to on your face. Let it air dry for 5-10 min. Finally wash it off by water. Collagen Mud Mask should be done once per week.