About The Collection:

First of all, let's understand why your skin gets dry. Hyaluronic acid is a natural ingredients in your skin. It can holds water up to 1000 times of its own weight. It is the main ingredients in your skin to keep your skin hydrated. With age gets older, your skin starts to lose hyaluronic acid after age 35. At age 50, you lose almost 50% of the hyaluronic acid in comparison to age 25. That is why your skin gets dry. In Greenplex dry skin collection, we use hyaluronic acid in multiple products such as Tamarind facial toner, vitamin C facial serum and Avocado facial cream. Facial toner opens the pores and balance PH to make sure your skin is ready to absorb the following facial serum and facial cream. Facial serum is the key to hydrate and moisturize your dry skin. It is the liquid form and easy to be absord. It contains rich natural ingredients including vitamin C and Hyalurinic acid. Finally Avocado Facial Cream moisturize your skin and lock the water. We suggest you to use Avocado Hydrating Overnight sleeping mask twice to three times per week before you go to bed. keep it on during your sleeping and wash it off the next morning. Avocado hydrating Overnight Sleeping Mask moisturizes your skin and lock the water during your sleep. The next morning you will find your skin is suffle and hydrated.

Target Skin-Type:

Dry skin / Aging skin

Application Steps:

After washing your face, apply the Tamarind Facial Toner, then Vitamin C Facial Serum and finally Avocado Facial Cream.. Please note Avocado Facial Cream n can be used for both day cream and night cream. We suggest you to use the Avocado Overnight Sleeping Mask twice or three times per week to get the best result. When using the Avocado Overnight Sleeping Mask, just wash you face, then apply the Facial Serum before applying the Overnight Sleeping Mask.