Volume: 120ml

Ingredients: Tamarind, Biomin (Vitamin B), Allantoin, Japanese green tea, Chamomile

Tamarind Facial Toner

$25 CAD

Hydrating / Moisturizing / Balances PH / Lightens Skin Tone

99.5% Natural / No Paraben

Greenplex Tamarind Facial Toner dramatically hydrates and moisturizes your skin due to its rich hyaluronic acid (HA) from the natural source, tamarind. Tamarind is also a natural skin whitening agent. It lightens skin tone and naturally brightens your skin. It balances PH and prepares your skin to be ready to absorb the facial cream.

Main Ingredients:

Tamarind: A natural "bleach" for skin. It is rich in hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, dramatically lightens the skin tone and keeps your skin hydrated.

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